Well, it looks like the cocks are coming home to roost for Pee-Resident select, GeeDumbya Bu$h. Not only are his lies regarding Saddam's weapons of mass destruction being exposed for all the world to see, but his wanton invasion of a peaceful, soveriegn nation has caused innocent American lives. Who lied while soldiers died? Ho ho ho chi minh!

Let's look back at the Pee-resident's Trail of Deceipt:

In August of 1998, Bush pounded his fist on his Pee-residential podium and claimed that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction". I believe his exact words were "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction". But have we found any nukes? No. So far all we've found are some damp bottle rockets and a couple of hollowed out winnebagos.

Then he claimed that Saddam was an evil dictator who tortured and murdered his own people - the same people who now long for the days when they had running water, electricity, jobs, plentiful food resources, and affordable health care. I guess Saddam wasn't as bad as Geedoobya said.

Next, we were treated to the awesome discovery of "nookular" equipment buried under a rose bush in some guy's backyard. But whoops! Turned out that it was just the transmission from a '67 Ford Fairlane.

Now the bombshell hits that Bush lied during a state of the union address when he said that Saddam was buying nukes from Africa. I believe his exact words were "Saddam bought nukes from Africa". Aside from scaring the beejebers out of every hard-working American, his remark caused all the democrats in congress to join together and vote for an immediate attack on Iraq. "Ha ha," says Geedubbers. "Fooled ya!"

So, in retrospect, it appears that Saddam was right - Bush just wanted to steal his oil.

Now I know that some of you right-wing extremists are going twist around and claim that I am pro-Saddam. That couldn't be further from the truth. Make no mistake, Saddam was a bad guy. Really. I mean it. Yes sireee. Still, he provided affordable health care to all his people, and never gave a single tax cut to the rich. The people he supposedly mistreated sang songs about him in the streets. Besides, fascism in defense of socialism is no vice.

But now, the once beautiful city of Bagdad lies in ruins. All the priceless Iraqi artifacts have been destroyed or looted from the museums. The animals in the zoos have been carved up for food. Public cemetaries have been desecrated and the interred have been exhumed. Even the orphanages, where the children of ungrateful parents lived in peace and happiness, have been opened and the inhabitants set loose onto the streets to starve and die. And a once revered leader, who was no threat to the united states and would have been our friend if we just asked, has been banished into exile while his people suffer at the hands of a brutal aggressor.

All so Bush and his rich oil buddies can have their tax cut.

A heroic, noble leader, Bill Clinton, was shamed and thrown out of office for the horrible act of sharing love with another human being, 15 or 16 times, and then being discreet about it to protect her integrity and the feelings of his beloved wife. Meanwhile, Gorge-Gadumpa-Nuh still sits in the Oval Office, fiendishly plotting his next invasion at the cost of affordable health care.

If there is any justice left in the world, Howard Dean will be our next president. Then we can scrap the military and put that money to work for the People, not the evil, rich, war pigs on the Bilateral Commission.

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