Rush Limbaugh: Fatty Druggie Racist Fat Pig.
Wow, it feels like Christmas! First Rush Limbaugh is called on the carpet for saying that blacks shouldn't be allowed to play football, then he gets fired by ESPN for the remark. Then this morning, I wake to hear that the loudmouth fatso is a druggie as well, buying hundreds of thousands of pain pills from his housekeeper, who was also probably an illegal immigrant. All these years, he's been saying that drug use is wrong...I guess it isn't now, is it? I guess now conservatives will stop looking down on us liberals, imposing their high-and-mighty morality on us. Perhaps now the Christian right will get hip to the scene so what we do isn't considered "sin" anymore, too. I'm so happy I could smoke a big ol' rock.
Rush Limbaugh: Fat, Racist Fatso Fascist Fatty
That fat racist fatso, Rush Limbaugh, paragon of the right-wing extremists, has revealed his racism for all the world to see. Having forced his way onto ESPN with help from Adolf Ashcroft and the Bush Gestapo, Limboob didn't hesitate to attack a black athlete. In a remarkable display of fatso facism, the fat slob accused the media of going goo-goo over Philadelphia QB Terrence McNabb simply because he was black. "Let's face it," he blubbered, "The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."
Can you believe that racist bullshit? Next the fat bastard will be burning crosses on the fifty yard line.
Now, if he had claimed that white coaches only get the job because they're whites in a white male-dominated society, that would be different. But to suggest that McNebb is the media darling simply because he's black is like claiming Tiger Woods is famous because he's sort of black, too. McNibb is popular because he's the best damn quarterback in the sport, simple as that.
Then the fatty has the gall to claim that his hatemongering is protected by the First Amendment! Sorry, fatso, but it's only "Free Speech" if you're attacking the president, not football players.

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