Yet another religious zealot Bush - this one being the same Bush who helped Dumbya hijack the election in Florida - has now hijacked the death process of poor, helpless woman. Stacy Shiavo, the Florida woman who suffered severe brain damage 13 years ago under the Gipper's watch, has been in a vegetative state ever since. Unable to feed herself or watch a single episode of West Wing, she just lies there in bed smiling inanely. She has no interaction with other human beings, other than from her right-wing Republican parents who come in once a week to read from the bible while poking her with a sharp stick. Let's face it folks - her quality of life is so poor, that she'd be better off dead

Thankfully, her poor, distraught husband has suddenly remembered that 18 years ago, also under the Gipper's watch, Traci asked her loving husband to please slowly starve her to death if she should ever experience a mysterious chemical imbalance causing heart failure and severe brain damage. Thankfully, she doesn't have to suffer the cruel sting of life anymore, and can now spend the next couple of weeks peacefully slipping into eternal slumber. Right?

WRONG! Just when she was about to pass from this world, in comes Jebediah Ezekiel Adolf Bush to force his twisted religious views on her! "LIVE, YOU CRAZY BITCH!" he screamed as her shoved the feeding tube back down her throat. "LIVE, SO YOU CAN PAY TAXES AND BUY GASOLINE AND MAKE MY BROTHER'S BIG OIL BUDDIES RICHER AND RICHER AND RICHER!!!"

Republican right-to-lifers! If she were a terrorist or a black cop killer on death row, I doubt she could get a pardon from Jeb Bush if her life depended on it. No, those right-wing fascists are too busy saving fetuses and invalids to care about Mumia, or any of the poor, suicidally depressed freedom fighters at Guatanamo Bay.

Anyway, the poor woman has been fed and rehydrated, and will have to start her death process ALL OVER AGAIN when her husband wins the right to help her die with dignity. The latest word is that he's enlisted the help of the ACLU, which will defend to the death her constitutional right to die. You go, ACLU!

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