As wildfires rage across Southern California, one wonders how Bush could allow such a thing to happen. But when one thinks about it, one soon wonders how he could NOT cause them. After all, it is his modus operandy, is it not?
Oh come now, does one have to spell it out for you?
Bush hates California because it unonymously voted against him in 2000. It's a well-known fact that he ordered Dick Cheney and Enron to cause the California energy crisis in retaliation. Then he refused to ratify Kyoto, which resulted in severe global warming and an unsual dry season in the Golden State - which was the pee-Resident's plan all along. You see, with half of California up in flames, no one is paying any attention to the fact that Bush lied about WMD in Iraq so he could give gave tax cuts to the rich. It's all pretty simple when you don't look at it through a Limbaugh filter, you right wing fascist!

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